Bust Firming Body Oil

Alqvimia has formulated a comprehensive cosmetic product that acts on all the necessary levels to care for your bust.

Firstly, it improves skin elasticity and muscle tone through its increased regenerating and tightening properties.

Secondly, it stimulates the microcirculation and cellular respiration of the adipose and connective tissue which may have been affected due to many different types of pathology.

Thirdly, it moisturises and nourishes the skin, ensuring it does not become flaccid.

Finally, its completely natural composition encourages the restructuring active ingredient to penetrate the skin and enables the gland volume to be shaped which, due to age or hormonal disorders, may have changed.

100 ml / 3.5 Fl. Oz.


Apply with circular movement twice a day. Can use with Generous Bust Oil alternately. To enhance result, apply product after peeling.

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