SENSUALITY Body Nectar Woman is personal care product but not kind of therapeutic drugs,kindly seek professional advice from doctors for any specific physiological/fertility problems


Apply 1-2 drops on each area (add 2-3 drops under special circumstances)

Face Mix with carrier oil (1:1 proportion)
  Maintain skin youthfulness and firmness, intensive moisturize, enhance elasticity and beautify skin, eliminate skin problems such as lack of radiance, acnes and roughness
Wrists & Neck
  As perfume, stimulates nasal nervous system which will strengthen the unique glamour and capture all men's focuses
Centre of Chest (Heart Chakra)
  Stimulate love hormone which enhance love feeling and tenderness, relax, and inspire joy and optimistic
Bust and lower abdomen
  A) Balances hormones and increases feminine energy
B) Harmonize the menstrual cycle & reduce menstrual cramps, anxieties & menopause          problem
C) Improve the healthiness of uterus and ovary, strengthen reproductive ability

Private Area

Apply before special date
  Inspire seductive glamour, enhance intimate relationship with obvious feminine energy changed, realizing by your lover


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